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Soccer Season is taking a bite out of our budget…

Quite literally, in fact.  The three big kids are all playing soccer this season (they all played last season too).   Playing soccer isn’t the problem… the kids insisting on eating on the same days we have practices and games is. … Continue reading

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Just a little check up…

Couple of different updates One of the latest attacks from Murphy has finally been completely resolved.  The pediatrician’s office has sent us a refund check to cover the legal fees we paid after they wrongly turned our account over to … Continue reading

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Building, building, building….

and no, I’m not talking about the house.  It really should be rebuilding, rebuilding, rebuilding because I am talking about our savings.  Our current snafu with the pediatrician’s office set us back a bit.  Our car insurance is due in … Continue reading

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If you haven’t seen Murphy in a while…

Don’t be too worried about him. He is fine, he is here with us, he has made himself comfortable and is refusing to leave.  Apparently, he heard we were motivated and making progress so he is prepared to stay for … Continue reading

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House Planning

I love long car trips.  Doesn’t everyone?  Long car trips are the perfect for planning goals and looking at the future.   We recently went to hubby’s parents’ house to celebrate Christmas.  We already had our 2012 goals worked out so … Continue reading

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And then there are those weeks…. when we eat at Arby’s more than we eat at home.

Welcome to one of those weeks in this house.   We ate at Arby’s Monday night and Tuesday night.  We’ll probably eat there Thursday night and there is pretty good possibility that we’ll eat there Friday night too.  I know that now everybody is asking what kind of … Continue reading

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