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Were you waiting for a yard sale update???

I seem to get blindsided by life on a daily basis lately and I just seem to be getting further and further behind. I am in the middle of an “easy” week and all we have going on this week … Continue reading

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We are prepping for a yard sale…

Hopefully a big, fat, massive yard sale this weekend!  I’d like to get rid of about 1/2 the stuff in the house.  I don’t know that we would gain that much space but I’d love to be rid of that much … Continue reading

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I decided not to do the smaller consignment this season

SO that completely explains why I am up late at night preparing a items for it when drop off is in the morning, doesn’t it? I planned to skip the smaller sale this season because I couldn’t do both sales because of … Continue reading

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We like to Party around here…

This is going to be one of those areas that probably a lot of people cut out that we didn’t.  Kid’s Birthday Parties.  I like having big birthday parties to celebrate my kids.  All of their first birthdays were huge deals … Continue reading

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We are getting cheap…or cheaper…

No, really.  I do cheap well and I did cheap for years when it wasn’t a necessity.   I’ve decided now that all the cheap stuff I did in college and our early married years were really good practice for this last (!!!) year of … Continue reading

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Different isn’t bad… it’s just different…

We are different and they way we’ve approached our finances (and our journey out of debt) have been different.   We use cloth diapers instead of regular diapers to save money.   It’s not for everybody but it was an area I … Continue reading

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I’ve run the numbers, I’ve done the math and I have a new plan!!

I like plans and I like challenges.  Challenges motivate me and right now I am all kinds of motivated.  After doing our December Debt Update, I ran the numbers to see exactly how many dollars were standing between us and … Continue reading

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