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Lessons in how we spend our money….

This is one of those hard lessons where you learn that you don’t always get to spend your money like you want to spend your money. Meet Jo Jo. Jo Jo is the product of a broken relationship.  Yesterday,  Jo Jo … Continue reading

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Just a little check up…

Couple of different updates One of the latest attacks from Murphy has finally been completely resolved.  The pediatrician’s office has sent us a refund check to cover the legal fees we paid after they wrongly turned our account over to … Continue reading

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Building, building, building….

and no, I’m not talking about the house.  It really should be rebuilding, rebuilding, rebuilding because I am talking about our savings.  Our current snafu with the pediatrician’s office set us back a bit.  Our car insurance is due in … Continue reading

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Hopefully we are on our way past Murphy now…

Hopefully… I spent the day yesterday working out the collection issue with the doctor’s office.   I paid them off and paid $85 in legal fees because I was just trying to get it taken care of quickly.  The receptionist couldn’t … Continue reading

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I really wish that Murphy would move on now!

I took the most recent attacks from Murphy in stride.  Trying to learn lessons while we dealt with the setbacks and being thankful that Murphy hadn’t brought anything any worse with him.  But now, I really am seriously DONE with … Continue reading

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One of my kids is becoming a money pit either that or Murphy is her middle name…

We did our dental cleanings today.  We have an awesome dentist office and they work so well with us planning our appointments out so that we can do everybody the same day (& making sure we can always have a … Continue reading

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Lessons from Murphy…

I decided long ago that we would never be fully done with this journey until we had learned everything we were supposed to while we were on it.   God showed us from the very beginning that we had plenty to learn and … Continue reading

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