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A new small debt reduction goal…

Our new goal is a small one but its a really big deal for us.  As of this moment, $522.82 is a life changing number.  It is not what we need to be debt free but it takes us past … Continue reading

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We missed it…

Numbers have been a big deal for us in this journey.  Every time we knocked off a percentage point or two it has been reason to celebrate.  We could only imagine how it would feel to hit the 50% mark.  … Continue reading

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2012 Financial Goals January Update

Are you wondering how we are doing with our financial goals this year??? Yep, I am too!  I haven’t done a great job of keeping up with the specifics but I know we have been making progress.  Our 2012 Goals … Continue reading

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2012 Financial Goals

Our financial goals this year were fairly easy to come up with.  They are all basically a continuation of our plan.  Very little changing for us this year, I figure it’s finally working I’m not going to fix what isn’t broke.  … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2012 – Confessions

Welcome to 2012!! First Confession of the Year – I haven’t looked at the checkbook since I ran out of room in my checkbook register at the beginning of December.  Second Confession of the Year – It is has been … Continue reading

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Attitude really is Everything…

We’ve been on this journey out of debt for a while because when you try to half do it, it takes longer, a lot longer.   Even when you are giving it your all (or most of your all – I’ve already … Continue reading

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Struggling with things…

I’ll admit I tend to struggle some alot around Christmas with wanting to do “things”.  There are so many amazing things that are fun this time of year and like it or not I’ll get to see many of my friends doing it … Continue reading

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