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We bought a truck!!!

We bought a truck! No worries it is the same truck we’ve been paying for the last few years but we did finally finish paying for it. It is covered in no less than 3 inches of mud right now … Continue reading

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Making some progress….finally!!

We are really making some progress on our “little” goal, which is actually a pretty big thing!  We are inching our way closer to paying off hubby’s truck and freeing up our largest debt payment for something else (hopefully more … Continue reading

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I do well with little goals….

I have an insanely short attention span.  Long term stuff is just not my thing.  Hence, my constant struggles during this very long term journey towards to being debt free.  I do well with short term goals, focusing on one small … Continue reading

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A new small debt reduction goal…

Our new goal is a small one but its a really big deal for us.  As of this moment, $522.82 is a life changing number.  It is not what we need to be debt free but it takes us past … Continue reading

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2012 Financial Goals April Update

April’s very, very late monthly update (after March’s update never got posted at all).  We’ve had a couple of months of ups and downs with our financial stuff, nothing major but the busy days have been a serious distraction.  We have made … Continue reading

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We are prepping for a yard sale…

Hopefully a big, fat, massive yard sale this weekend!  I’d like to get rid of about 1/2 the stuff in the house.  I don’t know that we would gain that much space but I’d love to be rid of that much … Continue reading

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Consignment Sale Update….

Pick up & Payday was Saturday so after sitting through 2 morning soccer games,  I took off to the big city (an hour each way) to pickup my leftover clothes and my money. As soon as I got in the … Continue reading

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