I do well with little goals….

I have an insanely short attention span.  Long term stuff is just not my thing.  Hence, my constant struggles during this very long term journey towards to being debt free.  I do well with short term goals, focusing on one small goal, reaching it and rewarding myself works well for me. 

We paid off our smallest credit card the first week of the new year.  Don’t pat me on the back to hard, because I added some debt with Christmas on a different card so we really just did a little better than breaking even.   I’m a work in progress.  *big sigh*

The smallest debt we have now is actually hubby’s truck.   I’d like to be rid of that payment ASAP.  On Jan 1st, we owed $1751.46 and I’d like to send our last payment in by Feb 15th. 

Won’t be coming up with all that out of regular budget, in fact most of won’t come out of the regular budget (because there isn’t enough to pull it out that). 

I made our regular payment and an extra payment with hubby’s overtime check and brought it down to $1212.46 and that is where we are now. 

I’m planning to raid the change jar and cash 2 savings bonds.  I’ll apply both to the truck and see where we land.  So here we are I’m working on paying off the truck, the very messy, muddy truck. 🙂

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I quit…..

What a grownup way to handle our finances, huh? I didn’t like the way it was going and we weren’t making any progress and I was tired of trying to swim upstream so I quit.

In August, I quit.  I quit balancing the checkbook, I quit writing anything down our checkbook register and I quit keep up with our progress (or complete lack of progress).  I also quit blogging because it made me feel guilty (really the whole reason I started the blog to guilt myself into staying accountable).

We didn’t make our goal of being debt free by the end of the year.   I haven’t even thought about goals for this year.  I’d have to know where we are to do have any goals for the year.


I spent the better part of today pulling myself up by the bootstraps and recording every transaction for our main account since August.  I’ve started balancing the account and tomorrow I’ll be able to pay our bills with complete knowledge of our situation.  (I have been paying our bills. I just didn’t know what we had in the bank when I did it).

I’m a quitter (we’ve probably established that before) but I am restarting.  We do better (Big Surprise!) when I am fully aware of our financial situation.

I’m going to pull it together and we’ll start making progress soon.  I’ll even start blogging again because I need the accountability.

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Clothes, clothes and more clothes

It is that time of year again.  Time for me to dig through everything the kids own so that I can get rid of most of it (that is always the dream anyway) our clothes seem to multiply in the night).  I’ve been buried under piles of clothes while I prepare for the BIG consignment sale.  I’ll drop off everything next Monday and I am not even close to ready.  NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

The spring sale was a basically a flop.  I just wasn’t pleased with my check (or the amount of stuff I had to bring back home) but it was a much shorter sale than normal and I’m sure that effected sales.  I am hoping for a much better sale this time around.  In fact, I am shooting for a pretty specific number for this sale.  $530.20  is the magic number.  It is only about $40 less than my highest consignment check ever (so it isn’t really an unrealistic number, I hope).   $530.20 will pay off our lowest credit card balance.   (Although because it’ll be Oct 18th before I’ll actually get the check I am hoping to get it paid off before then.)

I’ll get the August goals update up soon and the update on Plan B.

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It is time to work on Plan B….

We actually may be on Plan C or D by now.   That is just life, I guess.  Or maybe it is just life here?? Last week, I faced the numbers with our July update.  We should be halfway to our goal (which is $0) and we aren’t.  We aren’t even close….

We need a new plan.  It might be easier to work on a new goal but we really like our current goal of being debt free but Jan 2013.  Since we are pretty attached to current goal we need to come up with a new plan.

We aren’t really sure what it is right now.  The numbers don’t lie and our numbers tell us that we need to triple our debt snowball every month.  That is pretty stinkin’ unrealistic for us right now.

So, yes, right now we are working on Plan B (Plan C or D) and we are kind of coming up blank.

Our new plan will probably be coming from our old pal Dory “Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming.”   We’ll be here, we’ll just keep swimming to figure out what the new plan is.

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2012 Financial Goals July Update

I never got a May or June Update posted but truthfully we’ve been treading water lately so there wouldn’t have been many changes if I had actually gotten them posted.   Ugh!   We are at 67% of our total debt paid off (in mid-May, our April update shows we were at 68%).

Here are the rest of the 2012 updates –

Our 2012 Goals

We still haven’t been able to fully bump up the snowball to 5% of our debt every month.  We added a little bit of debt with the events of the last couple of months and we have tightened up the budget to clear the extra quickly.

No change on this one.  We are continuing to have a small but consistent amount deducted from hubby’s check.

  • Tithe Each and Every Week

We’ve missed a couple of weeks of church but we’ve still been writing the checks and getting them turned in.  It has been much easier to write the tithe check first this year than it ever has been before.  We have been blessed.

  • Start and Finish Financial Peace University at Home

I dusted the FPU box the other day.   We haven’t done a class since February and I haven’t thought about it since April.

  • Rebuild & Maintain our Emergency Fund

We dipped into the emergency fund (a couple of times) during the last couple of months so we are working on getting it rebuilt as quickly as we can.

  • Dust off the Budget & Start using it Again

I am a budget failure.  Really I am… Complete failure with a real budget.

That is what things look like at the end of July.  Not very pretty but we are better off today than we were at the beginning of the year.  I’ve got to focus on the positive or I’ll quit again.   We do need to regroup and make some changes because at our current rate we won’t be debt free by the end of the year.

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My Public Service Announcement

I promise not to become a blog focused on death and dying but I need to get on my soapbox and offer my PSA to you all (all three of my faithful readers).

Truth – You will die.   More truth – Someone will be left behind that was dependent on you in some way.

You need life insurance.  You need life insurance, even if you are in debt and can’t afford it.  You need life insurance, even if you are “just” a stay at home mom.

Funerals and Burials are not cheap (cremation is often listed as a cheaper option but it is still not cheap).   Cemeteries don’t work on credit if you don’t pay, they won’t bury you.

I’m not selling insurance here and I’m not telling you that you need to get a million dollar policy.  You do need a policy with enough money that those depending on you aren’t trying to figure out where the money to bury you is coming from while they are trying to deal with their new life without you.

I’m off my soapbox and at the end of this public service announcement… now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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I was preparing for Chaos with my last blog post…

I was planning weekend getaway’s, consignment sales, birthday parties and lots of living.  But the morning after I posted that last blog post, we woke up to a kind of chaos we hadn’t planned on.   Hubby’s youngest brother was killed in an accident and that threw our lives into a level of chaos we’d never experienced before and now 6 weeks later we still haven’t recovered.

We’ve thrown everything out the window as we’ve tried to prioritize and determine what is truly important for us.   We still haven’t fully defined that yet.  I have no idea when we will.

We’ve been thankful that we had our emergency fund in place.  It has taken a hit in the past 6 weeks and I know we’ve dipped into for things that most wouldn’t consider emergencies.  I also know that for now, for us that is ok.  At the end of the day, it is just money and we can make more.  That sounds much more irresponsible than it is, I promise we aren’t flying off to Tahiti on our credit line.   We are just in a different season where the things that we want and need as a family can’t be bought with money anyway.

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