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Chocolate Cake!

I know this post is a little off subject for me here but yesterday was Valentine’s Day and it was Chocolate Cake.  We never have dessert but I had seen a recipe on pinterest that I really wanted an excuse to make and … Continue reading

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What we’re reading these days…

I’ll admit that despite my intense desire to be debt free, I still occasionally get the urge for a little retail therapy (and one of those urges presented itself the other day when I found that sweet Lala needed glasses … Continue reading

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This week’s money saving tip is brought to you by the DELETE button…

Seriously!  I have noticed lately that the most powerful money-saving tool I have at my disposal is the delete button in my email inbox.  I am signed up for every deal site known to man and every morning my inbox fills … Continue reading

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House Planning

I love long car trips.  Doesn’t everyone?  Long car trips are the perfect for planning goals and looking at the future.   We recently went to hubby’s parents’ house to celebrate Christmas.  We already had our 2012 goals worked out so … Continue reading

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Different isn’t bad… it’s just different…

We are different and they way we’ve approached our finances (and our journey out of debt) have been different.   We use cloth diapers instead of regular diapers to save money.   It’s not for everybody but it was an area I … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2012 – Confessions

Welcome to 2012!! First Confession of the Year – I haven’t looked at the checkbook since I ran out of room in my checkbook register at the beginning of December.  Second Confession of the Year – It is has been … Continue reading

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Dumping the excess… Week 3 Update

I have been working towards dumping some of the excess in our house before all the new stuff that comes with Christmas attacks us.  All the general busyness of the season has kept me from making a good deal of progress in … Continue reading

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