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Building, building, building….

and no, I’m not talking about the house.  It really should be rebuilding, rebuilding, rebuilding because I am talking about our savings.  Our current snafu with the pediatrician’s office set us back a bit.  Our car insurance is due in … Continue reading

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We are getting cheap…or cheaper…

No, really.  I do cheap well and I did cheap for years when it wasn’t a necessity.   I’ve decided now that all the cheap stuff I did in college and our early married years were really good practice for this last (!!!) year of … Continue reading

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Please don’t think I’m weird if…

Please don’t think I’m weird if I come into your house with a measuring tape and measure your ceilings, your laundry room, your bathrooms and your dormers.  That isn’t unusual is it???  Hubby and I really should have decided to … Continue reading

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This week’s money saving tip is brought to you by the DELETE button…

Seriously!  I have noticed lately that the most powerful money-saving tool I have at my disposal is the delete button in my email inbox.  I am signed up for every deal site known to man and every morning my inbox fills … Continue reading

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Saving on Christmas Gifts… Teacher’s Gifts

I really like giving gifts.  Surprisingly enough our journey out of debt has made gift giving easier for me! Instead of focusing on what we could afford to buy for people I started looking for ways to show love and … Continue reading

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I’ve run the numbers, I’ve done the math and I have a new plan!!

I like plans and I like challenges.  Challenges motivate me and right now I am all kinds of motivated.  After doing our December Debt Update, I ran the numbers to see exactly how many dollars were standing between us and … Continue reading

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A different way to save money…

A few years ago, our power bill would run nearly $300 during the winter.  Most of that was spent on our electric heat during our coldest months.  Our house is less than 900 sq ft but very poorly insulated (and … Continue reading

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