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Just a little check up…

Couple of different updates One of the latest attacks from Murphy has finally been completely resolved.  The pediatrician’s office has sent us a refund check to cover the legal fees we paid after they wrongly turned our account over to … Continue reading

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We are so close…

Very close to paying off our smallest card.  As of last week (2-15) we owed $998.46 on it.   I am pushing us to get it paid off in a month.  I’d like to have it paid off by 3-15 (our dating anniversary … Continue reading

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Hopefully we are on our way past Murphy now…

Hopefully… I spent the day yesterday working out the collection issue with the doctor’s office.   I paid them off and paid $85 in legal fees because I was just trying to get it taken care of quickly.  The receptionist couldn’t … Continue reading

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2012 Financial Goals January Update

Are you wondering how we are doing with our financial goals this year??? Yep, I am too!  I haven’t done a great job of keeping up with the specifics but I know we have been making progress.  Our 2012 Goals … Continue reading

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I’ve run the numbers, I’ve done the math and I have a new plan!!

I like plans and I like challenges.  Challenges motivate me and right now I am all kinds of motivated.  After doing our December Debt Update, I ran the numbers to see exactly how many dollars were standing between us and … Continue reading

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Debt Update – December

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again (many, many times) despite our best laid plans we just can’t seem to stop life from happening around here.   When life happens here it usually means great plans go out the … Continue reading

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Debt Update- November

The goal every month in our journey is to make progress.   Progress means we are closer to our ultimate goal of freedom from debt.  Life happens on a daily basis around here and we often feel like we are moving … Continue reading

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