Happy Valentines Day!

I have been a crafting fool lately (and that isn’t going to stop anytime soon – so prepare yourself). I just finished the kids’ Valentines (a total of 130 between the 4 of them) and since I did that much I figured I should at least take a picture and show them off. I *think* this may have been a cheaper nice option for Valentines cards. We have in the past done the cheap boxes that come with a sticker or a tattoo and called it good. But I’ll be real honest and tell you that I’ve been bothered more than once in the last few years by what I thought was rather tacky and at times downright inappropriate messages on the cards in the packs.

Last year, I found some cute printable cards on pinterest. Problem solved!

This year, however since we needed over a hundred Valentines (and printer ink is expensive) I decided on a cheaper route. Cardstock hearts, traced and then cut out by yours truly and then Happy Valentines Day!! written on the front. I had the kids sign the backs of the cards and then with a hole puncher I punched a couple of holes in the hearts and inserted a pencil from the dollar store. The cardstock was $2.50 (50% off at Hobby Lobby and I still have 1/3 of the pack left) and 7 packs of 12 pencils at the dollar store were $7 so total spent was $9.50 (total per Valentine was 7 cents!!). We did 80 pencil Valentines and 50 no pencil Valentines (for the Monkey to give out). The pencil Valentines were about 10 cents each and the plain Valentines were maybe a couple of cents each.


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