We bought a truck!!!

We bought a truck! No worries it is the same truck we’ve been paying for the last few years but we did finally finish paying for it. It is covered in no less than 3 inches of mud right now and there is a cow nose print going down the side. Apparently one of the cows didn’t recognize it on its last trip through the pasture so the cow decided to sniff it. Considering the less than glorious state of the truck, I’ll spare you and not post a picture. I thought about loading all the kids into the back of the truck with a big “Paid” sign in celebration of the accomplishment. The mud (and the “not mud”) that is covering it stopped me. You’ll just have to imagine the picture.

We accomplished our first goal of the new year and we paid for the hubby’s truck (bought it in September of 2009). Thankfully, we now own both of our vehicles!

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