I never thought my kids were perfect…

Really, I didn’t think my kids were perfect but maybe I did expect them to act that way. Seriously, how hard is it to act perfect for just a few hours in a nice restaurant while your daddy conducts a meeting? Come in kids, rein it in we’ve got an image to uphold!

Clearly, No More Perfect Moms is needed in this house. It was probably very good that I read Chapter 3 – No More Perfect Kids – today. I already had the answers when 2 hours into our meeting they started to misbehave. (Misbehave is code for acted like monkeys in a cage at the zoo.)

The answer was right there in front of me. “Unrealistic expectations keep us perpetually disappointed – in ourselves and in our kids. Thats not a healthy way to live. It is not healthy for us personally and it does not contribute to a healthy family environment for any child.” Jill Savage, No More Perfect Moms.

I set my kids up to fail with unrealistic expectations. Sure, my almost 11 year old should be able to hold it together during the meal and during the meeting afterwards and she did until everyone else started to misbehave. Was I expecting too much of an 8 year old with ADD, a 5 year old boy and 3 year old running on too little nap? Yes, I probably was. We’ve done this before (with the same results) and I have never ever considered that I had expected too much.

Don’t misunderstand me, the point of the chapter isn’t to accept misbehavior and chalk it all up to unrealistic expectations that is just where it hit me tonight. Nothing like God to give me such a vivid reminder of the chapter that I had just finished.

No More Perfect Moms

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