I kept a secret…

No More Perfect Moms
I kept a secret for even longer than I had too.  This blog is filled with little successes and at times my big ‘ol failures.  My ability to handle our finances shows that I am not perfect.

What this blog often does not show is that I often feel like I don’t measure up as a mom, a wife, a friend or a housekeeper.  I have days that our home, our family and our life just doesn’t measure up.  Measure up to what, exactly?  I don’t measure up to the Perfect Moms that are in some of my circles.  I don’t measure up to the moms who never get their kids to soccer practice late or never miss a game because they were sure it was Thursday instead of Tuesday.   I don’t measure up to the homeschool moms doing great science experiments with their kids because I can’t teach my child to read.   I don’t measure up to the other stay at home moms that can maintain their homes without piles of laundry everywhere or those moms that can have drop in visitors without having to run outside so the visitors can’t see the inside of the house.   Surely, none of those perfect moms have ever had to have a birthday party in the park, in the rain, in December because there isn’t enough room in the house.

One day after yet another Christmas party in a perfect home, with a perfect hostess, with her perfectly behaved children and her perfect washer & dryer (yes, really I was so jealous of the laundry area)  I received an email saying that I had been chosen for the Launch Team for Jill Savage’s new book “No More Perfect Moms”.

As a part of the Launch team, I received a PDF copy of the book before Christmas but life just kept happening and I didn’t get it read.   I got my pre release, autographed copy in the mail at the end of the last week.   I have decided that the book should come with a high lighter attached to it.  Only a few pages in the book so much had resonated with me!

Did Jill write this book just for me????

This is not a review of the book.  I’ll have many more posts with my thoughts and a real review later.  One short, quick synopsis of this book could never do it justice.

A quick note about the release of the book (and you do need to buy this book) –

Do NOT Buy it yet!  Wait to Order/Buy it Feb 4-9.  Hearts at Home and Moody Publishers will be teaming up that week to offer $100 worth of additional resources.  Hearts at Home hopes to concentrate as many sales as possible during this limited time period in an effort to get the book on the New York Times best sellers list and ultimately into the hands of more moms that need it.

“There are no perfect moms – just imperfect women who will fall off the pedestal of their own expectations more often than they care to admit.”  Jill Savage – No More Perfect Moms

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