Making some progress….finally!!

We are really making some progress on our “little” goal, which is actually a pretty big thing!  We are inching our way closer to paying off hubby’s truck and freeing up our largest debt payment for something else (hopefully more debt but realistically it’ll go to orthodontia for LiLo & Lala). 

I pulled all our change together and came up with $40.  I cashed in 2 savings bonds (anybody else’s grandparents buy savings bonds for every birthday and Christmas) & 2 of my paychecks (very part time work that we never count on in the budget) and was able to make another big payment on the truck. 

We are down to $637.46!!!  I think we can do this!! We can make this happen!   

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2 Responses to Making some progress….finally!!

  1. Whoo Hoo! Fantastic! Glad you are making such great progress!

  2. joy at home says:

    Great job!

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