I do well with little goals….

I have an insanely short attention span.  Long term stuff is just not my thing.  Hence, my constant struggles during this very long term journey towards to being debt free.  I do well with short term goals, focusing on one small goal, reaching it and rewarding myself works well for me. 

We paid off our smallest credit card the first week of the new year.  Don’t pat me on the back to hard, because I added some debt with Christmas on a different card so we really just did a little better than breaking even.   I’m a work in progress.  *big sigh*

The smallest debt we have now is actually hubby’s truck.   I’d like to be rid of that payment ASAP.  On Jan 1st, we owed $1751.46 and I’d like to send our last payment in by Feb 15th. 

Won’t be coming up with all that out of regular budget, in fact most of won’t come out of the regular budget (because there isn’t enough to pull it out that). 

I made our regular payment and an extra payment with hubby’s overtime check and brought it down to $1212.46 and that is where we are now. 

I’m planning to raid the change jar and cash 2 savings bonds.  I’ll apply both to the truck and see where we land.  So here we are I’m working on paying off the truck, the very messy, muddy truck. 🙂

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2 Responses to I do well with little goals….

  1. Ruth says:

    Keep it up! You’re doing well.

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