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I never thought my kids were perfect…

Really, I didn’t think my kids were perfect but maybe I did expect them to act that way. Seriously, how hard is it to act perfect for just a few hours in a nice restaurant while your daddy conducts a … Continue reading

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I kept a secret…

I kept a secret for even longer than I had too.  This blog is filled with little successes and at times my big ‘ol failures.  My ability to handle our finances shows that I am not perfect. What this blog often … Continue reading

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Making some progress….finally!!

We are really making some progress on our “little” goal, which is actually a pretty big thing!  We are inching our way closer to paying off hubby’s truck and freeing up our largest debt payment for something else (hopefully more … Continue reading

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I do well with little goals….

I have an insanely short attention span.  Long term stuff is just not my thing.  Hence, my constant struggles during this very long term journey towards to being debt free.  I do well with short term goals, focusing on one small … Continue reading

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I quit…..

What a grownup way to handle our finances, huh? I didn’t like the way it was going and we weren’t making any progress and I was tired of trying to swim upstream so I quit. In August, I quit.  I … Continue reading

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