Clothes, clothes and more clothes

It is that time of year again.  Time for me to dig through everything the kids own so that I can get rid of most of it (that is always the dream anyway) our clothes seem to multiply in the night).  I’ve been buried under piles of clothes while I prepare for the BIG consignment sale.  I’ll drop off everything next Monday and I am not even close to ready.  NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

The spring sale was a basically a flop.  I just wasn’t pleased with my check (or the amount of stuff I had to bring back home) but it was a much shorter sale than normal and I’m sure that effected sales.  I am hoping for a much better sale this time around.  In fact, I am shooting for a pretty specific number for this sale.  $530.20  is the magic number.  It is only about $40 less than my highest consignment check ever (so it isn’t really an unrealistic number, I hope).   $530.20 will pay off our lowest credit card balance.   (Although because it’ll be Oct 18th before I’ll actually get the check I am hoping to get it paid off before then.)

I’ll get the August goals update up soon and the update on Plan B.

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2 Responses to Clothes, clothes and more clothes

  1. I understand what you mean about clothes multiply. It will soon be the time of year when I have to go through all the clothes and switch from summer to winter.

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