2012 Financial Goals July Update

I never got a May or June Update posted but truthfully we’ve been treading water lately so there wouldn’t have been many changes if I had actually gotten them posted.   Ugh!   We are at 67% of our total debt paid off (in mid-May, our April update shows we were at 68%).

Here are the rest of the 2012 updates –

Our 2012 Goals

We still haven’t been able to fully bump up the snowball to 5% of our debt every month.  We added a little bit of debt with the events of the last couple of months and we have tightened up the budget to clear the extra quickly.

No change on this one.  We are continuing to have a small but consistent amount deducted from hubby’s check.

  • Tithe Each and Every Week

We’ve missed a couple of weeks of church but we’ve still been writing the checks and getting them turned in.  It has been much easier to write the tithe check first this year than it ever has been before.  We have been blessed.

  • Start and Finish Financial Peace University at Home

I dusted the FPU box the other day.   We haven’t done a class since February and I haven’t thought about it since April.

  • Rebuild & Maintain our Emergency Fund

We dipped into the emergency fund (a couple of times) during the last couple of months so we are working on getting it rebuilt as quickly as we can.

  • Dust off the Budget & Start using it Again

I am a budget failure.  Really I am… Complete failure with a real budget.

That is what things look like at the end of July.  Not very pretty but we are better off today than we were at the beginning of the year.  I’ve got to focus on the positive or I’ll quit again.   We do need to regroup and make some changes because at our current rate we won’t be debt free by the end of the year.

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