Because I thrive on chaos….

and because I am determined to make headway anywhere I can (and right now we need to make some serious headway) I am going to register for another consignment sale.   I got an email (while we were on vacation) about an upcoming sale.   It’s a “Back to School” Sale with the smaller consignment sale.  The last sale was a complete and total flop.  I’m really hoping it’ll go better this time (because I was really disappointed with the huge sale in the Spring).  The sale should be good because they’ll take all seasons for this one sale.   I’d love to be able to go ahead and clear out a lot of our fall and winter stuff now.

Now for the chaotic part of the sale…  Drop off is July 9th.   25 days from now.   In those 25 days, I’ll have birthday party to throw, Vacation Bible School to plan for & decorate for, another birthday to plan, a holiday and well it’s summer so I have 4 little ones under foot all the time.  Should be simple, right?

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