A new small debt reduction goal…

Our new goal is a small one but its a really big deal for us.  As of this moment, $522.82 is a life changing number.  It is not what we need to be debt free but it takes us past a hurdle that we’ve never reached before.

Shaving another $522.82 off our debt will take us to $9,999.99!  We’d like to do this by June 1st (yes, next Friday).  We’ll have 2 paychecks between now and then.  Hopefully both will include some overtime.  I’m going to pinch the grocery budget a little bit more over the next couple of weeks and we should be able to make it happen.

(Be gentle with me posting the “big” number has taken me several weeks now.  I was going to do this goal back when we were over $1200 away but I’ve never posted the whole number.  So no judgements about why it has taken us so long to get here and why we still have that much left.)

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2 Responses to A new small debt reduction goal…

  1. joy at home says:

    Great job!

  2. It’s all a big improvement. Congratulations!!!

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