We’ve been busy…

We’ve been busy!  Busy is normal around here though.  We are within about 2-5 games (wins or losses during tournaments change the number of games we have left to play) of the end of soccer season.  I love soccer season but I am ready for a break!

We have also finally finished our first cutting of hay.  Hubby does most of the hay stuff on his own working around his “real” job.  I come in to help at the very last step – moving the hay to storage so it is ready to feed in the winter.  Moving hay is probably my least favorite farm job, it gets kind of nerve-racking.  I drive the truck & trailer usually with at least a couple of the kids.  One of the first couple of times I drove the truck to move hay I got distracted by how cute hubby was on the tractor and I jack-knifed the trailer into the side of the truck.   Not my finest moment, hubby is still not impressed with the “I was distracted by your good looks” excuse.   Thankfully, I have been able to move hay since then without any problems.

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