Were you waiting for a yard sale update???

I seem to get blindsided by life on a daily basis lately and I just seem to be getting further and further behind.

I am in the middle of an “easy” week and all we have going on this week is revival at church.  Hubby is working on cutting and baling our first cutting of hay.  Hay cutting came nearly a month early this year.   I was dreading it to begin with but realized that it means he’ll be finished with the first cutting by our anniversary.   If soccer tournaments don’t get in the way I might be able to get a date out of him (and it won’t involve sitting in the middle of the hay-field counting or moving hay bales).

Back to the yard sale, our area does a pretty big area wide yard and we’ve tried to take advantage of the extra traffic for the last few years.   We set up Friday morning and I was still keeping my expectations low.  We had no big-ticket items but hubby had given me a drill and a couple of CB radios to sell.  Everything else was little stuff, lots and lots and lots of little stuff.  I constantly wonder how we manage to accumulate so much stuff.   Friday was a good day and despite my low expectations I was starting to set goals for the sale.


At the end of the day, we had $201 in hand!!   Hubby also sold some farm equipment on Craigslist that day so it was a very good day (the sold farm equipment will be used to eliminate some farm debt).

Saturday we set up again.  I pulled out a few extra things since we were looking pretty picked over.   The traffic was much slower Saturday.  Not even close to the steady traffic we’d had on Friday.   We sold some junk but hadn’t made more than $10-$15 in the first few hours.  Friday did end getting a little better but not by much.   By the end of the day we had $75.55.  A bit of a let down after the great day on Friday but still more than we had to begin with.

At the end of the sale we had $276.55 and we only brought 5 crates of stuff back home.  My friend is having a yard sale this weekend and I haven’t entirely decided if I’ll go set up with her or not.


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1 Response to Were you waiting for a yard sale update???

  1. Congratulations! Less stuff and some money to show for it is always a good thing!

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