Lessons in how we spend our money….

This is one of those hard lessons where you learn that you don’t always get to spend your money like you want to spend your money.

Meet Jo Jo.

Jo Jo is the product of a broken relationship.  Yesterday,  Jo Jo sat on a shelf, in a store with his companion.   Today, Jo Jo lives with us, forever scarred by his run in with Lala.

Lala and I were out spending some time together yesterday afternoon (grocery shopping & a couple of stops in thrift stores trying to find me some capris).  You know what happened next, Lala picked up Jo Jo to “look” at him and when she put him back down he fell off the shelf.  She picked him up and I showed her the sign that said “You Break You Buy”.  We took Jo Jo to the owner and she told him that she had dropped him.  The owner did give her a “break” in price and only charged her $4 instead of the $6 that Jo Jo originally cost.  I paid the $4 since she didn’t have any money with her and she paid me back.   I did have a huge moment of thankfulness that she picked up and broke Jo Jo instead of the much uglier, much more expensive $40 knick knack sitting behind him.

We came home, glued his leg and hands back on and Lala has told everyone that will listen that if you break something you will have to pay for it, even if it is something that you didn’t really want in the first place.

It’s a good lesson to learn early in life, sometimes we have to pay for stuff that we don’t want and if we are careful we can avoid buying things that we don’t need.

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