We are prepping for a yard sale…

Hopefully a big, fat, massive yard sale this weekend!  I’d like to get rid of about 1/2 the stuff in the house.  I don’t know that we would gain that much space but I’d love to be rid of that much clutter!

After the last 2 consignment flops, I’m not getting my hopes up about the money it’ll bring in.  I’m going to set the bar low.  So I don’t end up disappointed because in the end, any extra money is extra money that can be directed towards debt.

So between my prepping for what I hope will be the world’s largest yard sale, the end of soccer season and just trying to keep up with the kids, I’ve been ignoring my debt spreadsheet (again).  I have no idea where we are right now.  I know we are better than we were but not there yet.  I have a new goal if I can ever sit down long enough to figure out which debt is next on the list, how much we actually owe on it and when we could realistically get it paid off if we really pushed ourselves to do it.  I *think* (and thinking is dangerous with as little sleep as I’ve had) our 2 smallest debts are now within a couple of hundred of dollars of each other so I’ll probably break the rules (again) and make the decision about which one to attack next based on the interest rate of the debt instead of balance.

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1 Response to We are prepping for a yard sale…

  1. Good luck with the yard sale! I recommend a free pile with a big sign that says “Free” in front of it. That helps get more people to stop and then they carry away your questionable items for, yes, free! And since they are out of their car they may even buy something! I usually put worn shoes, magazines, worn out bits of furnature, broken but still usable things and such in my free pile.

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