Consignment Sale Update….

Pick up & Payday was Saturday so after sitting through 2 morning soccer games,  I took off to the big city (an hour each way) to pickup my leftover clothes and my money.

As soon as I got in the parking lot, I was concerned.  Ladies were pulling out full and over flowing racks of clothes.  It looked more like a drop off than pickup.   When I got to the rack where my clothes were I was pretty optimistic.  I didn’t have a ton of leftover stuff.  I only brought 80 pieces back home.

The Leftovers (I’ll do a post soon about what I am doing with my “leftovers” now).

The check was $249.39 and I’ll admit that since it appears about 3/4 of my stuff sold and all but 3 of my gorgeous smocked dress sold, I am pretty disappointed with the total.   The check won’t do near what we had hoped and I haven’t decided if this season’s sale was worth my time.  This sale is a huge time commitment and I spent between $60-$75 making the drop off and picking up.   If they continue with the shorter sale, I doubt I’ll consign with them again.  I’ll likely explore one of the smaller sales that get money in my hand quicker.  Most of the other shorter sales have a much quicker turn around time.

So yes, I’m disappointed but in the end it’s almost $250 we didn’t have and while it won’t pay anything off and won’t make as big a dent as I hoped, it’ll make an extra payment and we’ll be closer to our goal tomorrow than we are today.

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