Soccer Season is taking a bite out of our budget…

Quite literally, in fact.  The three big kids are all playing soccer this season (they all played last season too).   Playing soccer isn’t the problem… the kids insisting on eating on the same days we have practices and games is. 😉  This season our practices are late and we aren’t getting home until 8:30 and even if I try to get a quick meal on the table we are pushing 9 by the time we eat.   I went into the season with great intentions of having a decent meal waiting on us when we got home after every practice.  I don’t think that has happened more than a couple of times.  It has been pitiful.

We ate pizza 6 or 8 times last month.  $11.55 will feed us all a couple of pizzas.  We’ve done McDonald’s a few times at about $15 a trip & Arby’s a few times at $18 a trip.  The good news is I am tired of eating out and the bad news is I’ve gained 7 pounds.    Our food budget is the same whether we spend it on groceries or food out  so we haven’t gone over too bad.  We’ve eaten a lot of meals out but I’ve only gone to the grocery store a couple of times in the past few weeks and both were small trips.

I need to plan better for the rest of the month because during the 2 weeks of tournament we’ll have games 4 nights a week and planning will go out the window again.   I do at least hope to report on Tuesday that we ate something at home on Monday night.

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3 Responses to Soccer Season is taking a bite out of our budget…

  1. Lisa says:

    I hear you! I’m currently reading your blog because I can’t stare at the menu plan/grocery list any longer. BUT, I don’t wanna spend the money on takeout pizza, either. Mostly, I’m whining.

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