Finally our small credit card goal update…

Forever ago (last month) before I dropped off the face of the earth.  We were working hard on a small credit card goal.  The goal was to pay off our smallest credit card ($998.46) and we wanted to accomplish that by March 15th.

My last update we had $291.39.   I had been very hopeful that the small consignment sale would push us over the edge but since it was a total flop it didn’t work out that way.

Our regular credit card payment ($280) was due on the 16th so when we added it to the $20 from the consignment sale, we were able to pay it off.   We made it!!

It wasn’t a big, monumental payoff since we ended up paying it off with just a little more than our regular payment.  BUT the big picture is that we stretched ourselves and worked hard to pay off nearly $1000 in debt in one month!!  ($1000 in debt in one month may not be a lot in some households but in this house that is huge!!)

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1 Response to Finally our small credit card goal update…

  1. handsdelight says:

    That would be huge in our house too! Good for you.

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