I’m still here!!

It has been nearly a month since I last posted anything.  Bad, bad!   Another thing I should tell you about me is that I can only really focus on one thing at a time, especially if it is a big thing.   Our finances have been a big thing for us and I’ve focused a lot of our time and energy on it.  Our finances tend to be my hobby, isn’t that sad? It keeps me focused though and it makes it easier to reach our goals.

But I’m also a momma of 4 and a month ago, we had a meeting at school for 1 of the 4.  Things just weren’t going well and we were about at the end of the their ability to help us make more progress.  After a week of prayer and research, we pulled Lala out school and plan to finish this year (and do next year) at home.  We aren’t dealing with any huge issues or learning disabilities, thankfully but we realized that she can be better taught one-on-one at home.

So we decided to home school in a week and we dove into it head on (with no home school budget, either).  Soccer started at the same time so when I wasn’t on a soccer field with the big three, I was picking curriculum & planning school for another one.    We are in our 2nd week of home school and Lala is doing great at home.   We’ve settled into a pretty good routine so I should be able to focus on other areas of our life now too.  I even managed to clean the house today. 😉 That has to be a good sign.

I have plenty of updates and as soon as I look over all our numbers I’ll be able to post them.  I’ll also pick up from the consignment sale this weekend so I’ll be able to update on that at the first of next week.

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