Consignment Drop Off Update

I dropped off clothes on Tuesday for the large consignment sale.  I started early getting ready for the sale and then procrastinated badly at the end.  I didn’t get a good count but I think I ended up with 300-350 items, a little less than I usually have.  If I hadn’t procrastinated so bad at the end, I probably could have come up with several more items to take.  I keep expecting that I’ll have less and less with each season as we continue to get rid of the excess but that hasn’t happened yet. 

The large sale is shorter this season, one week as opposed to their normal three-week sale.  I am afraid that will affect the amount of stuff sold (and the size of my check).   I’d still like to clear about $500 for this sale, especially after the flop at the smaller sale but $350 may end up being more realistic.  I have big plans for the consignment money so it needs to be good.  I’ll let you all in on the next little goal and soon as we get past the current little goal.

Picture of the van loaded and ready to go.

Picture of (most of) the rack on the way in.

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