I decided not to do the smaller consignment this season

SO that completely explains why I am up late at night preparing a items for it when drop off is in the morning, doesn’t it?

I planned to skip the smaller sale this season because I couldn’t do both sales because of the way they were scheduled this season.   My mom had me register for her this year because she wanted to sale the baby gear she keeps at her house.  So I registered and she changed her mind about selling her baby stuff.  I decided I would go ahead and pull out some bulky items and see if I could get them out-of-the-way.

It is a small sale and the turn around time is quick.  I’ll drop off in the morning and pick up next week (right before our small credit goal end date) it would definitely be nice to have the cash from this sale push us over the edge on the credit card.

Drop off for the big sale is next week and I’ve got piles and piles of clothes sorted & hung but not tagged & ready to go so I’ll need to immediately come back home and get back to work on them.

Updating because I finished getting my stuff ready.  I ended up with 17 items priced at $305 (total) so I’ll be hoping to bring home at least $100 -$150 (but that is probably over optimistic).

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