2012 Financial Goals February Update

Another month done!  I didn’t do a great job keeping up again this month (despite what my constant updating of our spreadsheet suggests) and we hit a big milestone this month without even noticing it.  We have now paid off 56% of our debt!

Here are the rest of the 2012 updates –

Our 2012 Goals

       We still haven’t been able to fully bump up the snowball to 5% of our debt every month but we did a great job of  making sure any “extra” we could come up with went to our credit card payments.  (This month our extra came from my part-time job, our change jar & sold stuff).  

        Not much change on this one.  We are continuing to have a small but consistent amount deducted from hubby’s check and this month we had a small amount of profit from the farm to deposit.  We used our change jar money this month to further hammer away at our debt. 

  • Tithe Each and Every Week

        We missed church 2 Sundays this month and I wrote the checks (and took them the next week) anyway.  Admittedly, I would not have always done that in the past.    We have a small church with no online giving options so I write the check and hold it until the next Sunday morning. 

  • Start and Finish Financial Peace University at Home

        We’ve only done 1 week of Financial Peace University at Home this month.   It has been a busy month for us with soccer starting back and hubby working overtime.  Hopefully we’ll get back in the swing of things in March.   Hubby has said that he’d like for our next big saving goal to be Saving to Pay Cash for a replacement for our van.   We’ll start working on the specifics of that once we get his truck paid off.     

  • Rebuild & Maintain our Emergency Fund

         We have rebuilt the emergency fund.   I have also moved it so that it isn’t easily dipped into (by me) for non emergencies.  Now we work on maintaining it. 

  • Dust off the Budget & Start using it Again    

       We have an on & off relationship with our budget.  I’m still not great at working with the budget on the lean weeks.  I do absolutely realize that the lean weeks is when I need to stick the closest to the budget.  It is definitely still a work in progress.                              

 So that is where we are at the end of February.  We’ve made progress and we are working hard to reach our final goal.

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