Just a little check up…

Couple of different updates

One of the latest attacks from Murphy has finally been completely resolved.  The pediatrician’s office has sent us a refund check to cover the legal fees we paid after they wrongly turned our account over to collections.   We are satisfied with the outcome.   My attention span is too short to get mad about stuff like that and I really like our doctor.   In the end, the important thing is that we paid them off and it is one less debt that we owe. 

My quarterly screw up didn’t end up derailing us too much.  The credit card company only charged us a $25 late fee and bounced out interest rate by 5%.  I called as soon as the late fee hit our account and begged for mercy.   After they checked out payment history (and then complimented me on our excellent payment history) they agreed to credit the $25 late fee and restore our lower interest rate.   Thankfully, we aren’t any worse off than we were with them but I am much more motivated to be rid of our balance with them. 

In other news, we have been hoping for a getaway for hubby and I.  Its been too long and we are just needing a little room so that we can recharge and regroup.  We are finally going to get a little time soon.  We budgeted $300 for our getaway and we are going to come in way under budget(mainly because we ended up losing a night but in the end under budget is under budget).  

I am still working on getting our Spring & Summer Clothes to the consignment sale and I am also hard at work on our current credit card goal.  I’ll have better updates on both by the end of the week.

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1 Response to Just a little check up…

  1. joy at home says:

    WTG! Good news on the refund from the drs office! And the cc – it doesn’t hurt to ask, they might say no, but by calling you got to “fix” your “oops” 🙂 Yea!

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