We are so close…

Very close to paying off our smallest card.  As of last week (2-15) we owed $998.46 on it.   I am pushing us to get it paid off in a month.  I’d like to have it paid off by 3-15 (our dating anniversary is 3-18 and it would be nice to celebrate it with one less debt hanging around our neck).  

I generally like to set our goals a little higher than we can reach because it stretches us more and makes us work harder to do it.  This goal is going to stretch us but we didn’t make any progress until we were willing to be stretched. 

So here we go I’m posting it here for accountability. 

I made our regular payment to the account on 2/16 of $280.   I should have another good-sized payment pulled together by this Friday and I’ve sold some scrapbook stuff to bring in a little more money to make an additional payment.   That will all make a huge dent in the balance but won’t get it paid off.   Consignment money won’t be paid in time to meet our goal so I’ll need to look for money in other places.  Our change jar is full and while we usually use that to add to our house savings since we are so close to clearing this credit card we may make an exception and put it on the credit card instead.

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7 Responses to We are so close…

  1. Lisa says:

    Is this $980 before or after the $280?

    A thousand dollars in a month is a HUGE goal. Many prayers for success!!!

    • It was $998 before the $280 so we did take a good chunk off of it right away. It is going to force us to get creative to find the “extra” to do it but I know that the success will push us to get finished with all of it faster.

  2. Julie says:

    Our current smallest student loan is only $978 to pay off. I’m hoping to have it paid off by the end of the year but with the baby coming, that may not happen. I’m going to try though!

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