Are you thinking about Summer Clothes, yet?

I am!  It is that time of year! I have 3 or 4 weeks to get ready for the big consignment sale.  I am going to try to be disciplined enough to get everything ready well before drop off.  I doubt I’ll do early receiving this year.  Last year, I left the house at 3 (or 4) am and sat in the van waiting so I could be one of the “early consignors” and I was but I still didn’t get to go shopping because one of the kids had a soccer game and hubby was working.  I’ll just count that as a day that I got to save a lot of money by not spending.  More and more though I’ve decided driving the hour to the sale (and then an hour back home) just isn’t worth it to me. 

This year the spring sale is shorter (and I am not excited about that – less time for people to shop = the possibility of less money for me) but I’ll still be setting my goal at about $500 and hoping to clear out plenty of our extra stuff.  I’m going to try to get myself into a “moving sale” mentality (even though we aren’t moving for at least a year) and hope that it will make me a little more ruthless on what goes. 

I’ve started gathering my supplies (ink cartridge, wire hangers, safety pins and cardstock) and I am going to start pulling stuff out of closets & storage.  I don’t think I have anything big to sell this time so it’ll be clothes and toys.  I am also going to have to do a better job of getting rid of my leftovers after the Spring/Summer sale.  After the Fall/Winter sale, I said I was going to eBay everything in lots to get rid of it (and I guess that is still an option) but I never got around to it. 

In my first day of pulling out clothes to go, I have about 50 pieces ready to go and that doesn’t even put a dent in the amount of stuff left to go through.  I also currently have a rather large pile of dresses sitting on hubby’s recliner that I need to cull. 

I’m diving into summer clothes, if you don’t hear from me again send help!

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