I’ve made my quarterly screw up…

Aren’t you glad I post for accountability? 

I seem to make a financial screw up about once a quarter.  I don’t know why it happens once a quarter but it does.   It used to happen much more often and the messes used to be much bigger and much harder to clean up.  

It was already a lean week and then I failed to record something in the checkbook register.  (I have to use a checkbook register so that I can quickly see what is going on with our money.  I’ve tried other methods of keeping up but the old-fashioned check register just works the best for us.)  So the day before pay-day we went under by $4 triggering our overdraft protection (pulling $100 out of savings and charging us $10 to do it). 

I also managed to lose one of our credit card bills when I put it aside to make a payment.  Payment didn’t get made until the day after it was due.  The payment has been applied to our account but the account isn’t showing a late fee, yet.  I’m expecting a late fee of $39 and as soon as its added I’m planning to call and beg for mercy (pointing out my payment record).   

So there you have it… my quarterly screw up.

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