Chocolate Cake!

I know this post is a little off subject for me here but yesterday was Valentine’s Day and it was Chocolate Cake. 

We never have dessert but I had seen a recipe on pinterest that I really wanted an excuse to make and Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect excuse.  I had pinned the recipe a few weeks ago and quickly looked at the picture yesterday to determine the ingredients I needed (very thorough, I know).  Guess what?  I got at least 2 of the 3 ingredients wrong but decided I’d go with it anyway.   If you’ve been reading the blog long you’ll know I’m a rule breaker anyway so you had to know I can’t follow a recipe either. 

I’m no Martha Stewart and I managed to get this cake together (and completely impress my kids) in under 45 minutes (the last 3 minutes I made hubby stand outside the door so he could be equally impressed with the finished product). 


I am aware that my food photography skills are seriously lacking.  Bear with me people and trust that the cake looked amazing in person. 

Boxed chocolate cake mix, cool whip and Oreos.   I baked the cake, let them cool and then started decorating.  Bottom layer, cool whip, broken Oreos, top layer, cool whip & more broken Oreos.   So Simple!

I spent $6.47 on the stuff to make the cake (I still have leftover cool whip & Oreos too).  The stuff I needed for the cake ended up being cheaper than the frozen pie I considered buying for dessert so I did save money (and I am right back on the normal subject of the blog). 


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2 Responses to Chocolate Cake!

  1. handsdelight says:

    Looks very yummy but what were you suppose to use?

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