Holidays get me every. single. time….

They used to get me much worse.  There is nothing like a holiday (even a made up Hallmark holiday) to make me run out and spend money to shower people who already know how much I love them with stuff they don’t need.  That was then.

I still like to do a little something on the “special days” it is fun to see the kids wake up to a little surprise.   Now I tend to the side of sweet & practical, instead of sweet, space taking, sugar filled, mess making stuff.

This morning hubby was surprised with a 6 pack of his favorite candy bar (a splurge, that he doesn’t get often) and a handwritten card.   I’m going to surprise him with a 12 pack of Crush tonight and a cheesy note that says “I’ve got a crush on you.”  I spent about $6 on him all stuff that he’ll enjoy (and snacks that he can take to work).

The kids all got a $2 box of their favorite snacks (they take them to school for the next couple of weeks) and a t-shirt.  Not just any t-shirt though a cute, custom-made t-shirt.

Brief aside – Clothes used to be my downfall.  I spent lots and lots and lots of money on really cute clothes.  Clothes that were worn once, or only worn for pictures or not worn at all.  Even when we decided that we had to get out of debt and we had to quit living beyond our means I still spent too much on really, really cute clothes.  My practical side did eventually kick in and I realized that we just couldn’t do it anymore not if we ever wanted to get anywhere. 

You can buy cute, holiday themed t-shirts anywhere and you can spend just about what you want on them. You can spend $5 at Walmart or you can spend $50 at the cute boutiques.  Guess where I tended to spend my money?  The t-shirts that the girls got this morning weren’t boutique shirts but by the time I got finished with them they weren’t exactly walmart either.

Custom Valentines Shirts for my sweets cost me less than $4.  The big girls’ shirts were $3.47 and the monkey’s shirt was $3.88.  (If I had the time after I decided to make shirts I could have found shirts cheaper at the thrift store).   I used freezer paper that I already had to make my stencils and paint that I already had on hand.  The double stuffed Oreos in the picture are optional.

I enjoy doing crafty stuff and it has allowed me to still be able to put the kids in cute one of a kind stuff.  The extra bonus is that the kids think it is still incredible special that I made a shirt just for them.

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3 Responses to Holidays get me every. single. time….

  1. joy at home says:

    Too cute!

  2. Lisa says:

    Cracking up about the “optional double stuff oreos!”

    You are doing so well!!

  3. I loved making things for my girls whenthey were little. The shirts are very cute!

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