Building, building, building….

and no, I’m not talking about the house.  It really should be rebuilding, rebuilding, rebuilding because I am talking about our savings.  Our current snafu with the pediatrician’s office set us back a bit.  Our car insurance is due in 3 weeks and our house insurance is due in 8 weeks.  We when we originally got our emergency fund in place, we had it timed out perfectly so that we could immediately start saving for the car insurance and have it fully in place when it came due and then start saving for the house insurance and have it fully covered when it came due.   Of course that was before the ped’s office made their mistake (they have fully admitted at this point that it was their mistake & that we were current and should not have been turned over to collections) and we felt the need to get them paid off quickly.   We are waiting on a refund from them on the legal fees but they don’t do refund checks until the end of the month.  Hopefully, that will come in before the insurance needs to be paid but we aren’t going to count on it.

In the meantime, we are working on getting our emergency fund built back up and get our car insurance premium in place.  We’ve adjusted our level of savings by as much as we could so that we could save money faster, adjust for the “time lost” and cover the 10% premium increase for this 6 month period.   Things “should” be leveled out by the time our house insurance comes due and we “should” be a little ahead in the “big & not at all regular bills” savings account by then.  We “should” be anyway, at least that is the plan.

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One Response to Building, building, building….

  1. Nancy says:

    I learned years ago, that I have to put a fixed amount in a savings account, every month, to cover insurance, and property tax. It is a bill that is like any other bill, and is the only way I know that when the payments are due, the money is there.

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