Hopefully we are on our way past Murphy now…


I spent the day yesterday working out the collection issue with the doctor’s office.   I paid them off and paid $85 in legal fees because I was just trying to get it taken care of quickly.  The receptionist couldn’t figure out why it had been turned in to collections and they had recorded our payments (2 in January) so we weren’t behind.   She called the lawyer’s office while I was standing there to tell them that we had paid off the account.  

I called the lawyer’s office when I got home to verify that they had marked the file that we had paid off the account.   I also made sure that they did not plan to put the “collection” on our credit report, they don’t.  The lady at the lawyer’s office looked over the file and said that they had our most recent payments recorded on the file.  She couldn’t figure out why our account was turned in to collections either. 

I called the doctor’s office to speak to the administrator and was finally told that our account wasn’t supposed to be turned in.   Everything is straightened out with them and we are waiting for them to tell us what they are going to about the $85 we paid in legal fees that we didn’t owe.   I am still seriously irritated with the whole situation but I am treading lightly because I love our doctor and I want to continue using her. 

This has really lit a fire under my tail about the rest of our debt, if we could be accidentally turned in to collections by our small, local doctor’s office how much easier would it be for one of the mega banks that we owe our credit card debt to accidentally turn us into collections despite us being current on payments and how much harder would it be to get everything worked out.  If nothing else this little attack from Murphy has reminded me that we can’t get complacent about getting our debts paid off.

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