I really wish that Murphy would move on now!

I took the most recent attacks from Murphy in stride.  Trying to learn lessons while we dealt with the setbacks and being thankful that Murphy hadn’t brought anything any worse with him.  But now, I really am seriously DONE with Murphy. 

Then Saturday, we got a collections letter (from a lawyer’s office) on behalf of our pediatrician’s office for a balance that is 60 days (or less) old and that we’ve made 3 payments on (including one payment that was half of the balance).  We certainly have had every intention of paying the bill as evidenced  by the fact that we have been Paying. The. Bill. 

Have you ever noticed that this stuff only happens on the weekend when you can’t do anything about it???   Not that we have determined what is even the best way to handle this, beyond paying it off.  We decided pretty quickly that avoiding collections is emergency enough for us so we’ll be pulling from the emergency fund to take care of the bill but I don’t even know who I am really supposed to pay.   I prefer to pay the dr’s office because they are the ones we owe but the letter says that we should pay the lawyer’s office.   My guess is if I show up at the dr’s office with a check to pay off the account they won’t send me away. 

I think my current plan for dealing with this is going to be go over the budget and squeeze everything I can so that I can get as much of the money out of our regular budget and then I will pull the difference from our emergency fund.   I’ll go to the dr’s office with my checkbook and ask exactly how much we owe.  I’ll play dumb on the whole collections thing (probably not the most honest approach) and try to get the bill paid there.   I know we owe the bill and I am more than willing to pay it (which is why we have been paying it) and I’d hate for the dr’s office to owe someone else a fee for collecting from us.

Although, now that I think about it, I don’t know that I’ll play dumb when I go to the dr’s office at all because I’d really like to know why our account was turned over anyway because the balance wasn’t that old and we had been making payments on it.  I had also been in the office 2 days before we got the letter picking up Lala’s prescription and nothing was said then.  Neither was anything said when I was in the office with Lulu on the 23rd of January (and made a payment that day).  The whole thing is just puzzling to me. 

I am quite positive that I’d like Murphy to move on.  NOW!

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