One of my kids is becoming a money pit either that or Murphy is her middle name…

We did our dental cleanings today.  We have an awesome dentist office and they work so well with us planning our appointments out so that we can do everybody the same day (& making sure we can always have a parent in the waiting room with the kids).  Today was going fairly smooth. We have basic dental insurance that covers 2 cleanings (per person), cavities and other stuff along those lines.  Our company offers a premium dental plan that covers orthodonics and we have known for a while that braces are in our future.  Our plan had been that Lulu would go into braces next summer (meaning that we would upgrade to the premium dental plan during open enrollment at the end of this year).  Good plan! 

Except that it seems that nothing ever goes according to plan here and today was no exception. 

Lala has crowding issues and a couple of her adult teeth can’t come in because of the crowding.  Our dentist (and yes, I trust him he isn’t trying to drum up business) says that she is going to a separator device in the next few months or we could end up with impacted teeth.  So we really need to get into the ortho stuff this year with her, instead of next year like we had planned.  Open enrollment has closed and we are stuck with the basic (no ortho paying plan) for the rest of the year. 

I have to find out now if dental plans do like medical plans and consider things “pre-existing”.  Are they going to refuse to pay for Lala’s ortho later if we have to get it some of it started before we have coverage??

I love my little Lala but with the unexpected glasses a couple of weeks ago and the unexpected beginning to the ortho stuff she is becoming a Murphy Jr.  🙂  

I need to add a little more to the newly formed line of the budget for medical care.  I may be adding another financial goal for 2012 – Save Cash for Braces x 2.

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