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We missed it…

Numbers have been a big deal for us in this journey.  Every time we knocked off a percentage point or two it has been reason to celebrate.  We could only imagine how it would feel to hit the 50% mark.  … Continue reading

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Just a little check up…

Couple of different updates One of the latest attacks from Murphy has finally been completely resolved.  The pediatrician’s office has sent us a refund check to cover the legal fees we paid after they wrongly turned our account over to … Continue reading

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We are so close…

Very close to paying off our smallest card.  As of last week (2-15) we owed $998.46 on it.   I am pushing us to get it paid off in a month.  I’d like to have it paid off by 3-15 (our dating anniversary … Continue reading

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Are you thinking about Summer Clothes, yet?

I am!  It is that time of year! I have 3 or 4 weeks to get ready for the big consignment sale.  I am going to try to be disciplined enough to get everything ready well before drop off.  I doubt I’ll … Continue reading

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We like to Party around here…

This is going to be one of those areas that probably a lot of people cut out that we didn’t.  Kid’s Birthday Parties.  I like having big birthday parties to celebrate my kids.  All of their first birthdays were huge deals … Continue reading

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I’ve made my quarterly screw up…

Aren’t you glad I post for accountability?  I seem to make a financial screw up about once a quarter.  I don’t know why it happens once a quarter but it does.   It used to happen much more often and the … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cake!

I know this post is a little off subject for me here but yesterday was Valentine’s Day and it was Chocolate Cake.  We never have dessert but I had seen a recipe on pinterest that I really wanted an excuse to make and … Continue reading

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