2012 Financial Goals January Update

Are you wondering how we are doing with our financial goals this year??? Yep, I am too!  I haven’t done a great job of keeping up with the specifics but I know we have been making progress. 

Our 2012 Goals – 

       Originally, I had hoped that we would be able to up our debt snowball amount to a full 5% of the debt total every month.  After doing the math though we don’t have enough wiggle room in the budget to make that happen.  We are working on getting more stuff sold and making more little cuts where we can.  We can still be debt free by the end of the year but we may not be able to do it as early in the year as we had hoped. 

        Not much change on this one.  We are continuing to have a small but consistent amount deducted from hubby’s check and we are continuing to save money in the change jar.  We are using more cash now and that means that the change jar fills up a little faster so that is nice. 

  • Tithe Each and Every Week

        Five Sundays into the year, we haven’t missed a week yet.  I am writing the check first without looking to see what else will need to be paid that week and I believe that our efforts are being blessed. 

  • Start and Finish Financial Peace University at Home

        We are 4 weeks into Financial Peace University at Home.   It is going well.  I still wish that we had the accountability of a class but that is one of those things that is outside our control.  We are both enjoying the DVDs and there have been some changes but truthfully hubby still isn’t on the Dave Ramsey bandwagon.   

  • Rebuild & Maintain our Emergency Fund

         We have rebuilt the emergency fund.   I have also moved it so that it isn’t easily dipped into (by me) for non emergencies.  Now we work on maintaining it. 

  • Dust off the Budget & Start using it Again    

        We went over our budget together.  A couple of changes have been made to it & we are still working out the kinks of getting used to working on a budget again.  The budget is definitely still a work in progress.                              

 So that is where we are at the end of January.  We are making progress and constantly re-evaluating to see what changes can be made to move us forward even faster. 


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