If you haven’t seen Murphy in a while…

Don’t be too worried about him. He is fine, he is here with us, he has made himself comfortable and is refusing to leave.  Apparently, he heard we were motivated and making progress so he is prepared to stay for the long haul.  

He started his visit with glasses for Lala (perfectly cute, adorable purple glasses that will make it much easier to see the board at school), then a trip to dr with Lilo for breathing issues (she choked, got scared and hyperventilated) & some eye issues for me that resulted in pretty expensive eye drops, new contacts and new glasses.  All of this on the paycheck with the new, higher insurance premium and no overtime.   That is life at its finest and one day all of Murphy’s visits will be nothing more than little bumps in the road. 

Of course now that I think about, his most recent visit has just been a bump in the road.  The bills still got paid, we still ate good food & we still paid on our debts and I am much more aware that the further down this road we go the bumps either get smaller or easier to take.

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