What we’re reading these days…

I’ll admit that despite my intense desire to be debt free, I still occasionally get the urge for a little retail therapy (and one of those urges presented itself the other day when I found that sweet Lala needed glasses for school and that even after our pretty good vision insurance the utterly adorable purple glasses cost us $125).   Nothing life shattering about it, she needs glasses and on the list of health problems a kid could have this one doesn’t even come close to being a big problem.   This is just one of those visits from Murphy that we all know is coming.   Anyway, expenses that I have no control over tend to make my brain want to throw in the towel and say “We’ll never get there because Murphy will never leave us alone, so we may as well enjoy life!”  Enter store, buy a bunch of stuff, leave store feeling worse and our goals set back again. 

This time my cure the retail therapy I was suddenly craving – the Library.   I walked around with Lala and we “shopped” our little hearts out, picking out anything that even remotely interested us and when checked out we left with a nice heavy bags of books that didn’t cost us anything. 

This what we are reading these days…

Hubby and I have about decided that we have our plans exactly the way we want them.  Right now they are pencil and paper plans (they may change a bit here and there once we get them drawn up on the computer) but we aren’t really looking at anymore plans.  That hasn’t stopped the girls from looking at houses trying to pick out new bedrooms and most recently a house with an indoor pool & movie theater.   I pointed out to the girls that we are building our dream house, not Barbie’s dream house. 

The other day one of my readers mentioned The Tightwad Gazette and it has been years since I read it.  I decided to go ahead, grab it and see if I could come up with some new ways to save us a little bit of money.   I’ve had some help reading in the last couple of days. 

A quick note about the picture – The monkey is 2.  I buy her cute clothes but some days I have no control over how she wears them.   Brown & pink polka dot pants with purple floral rainboots are evidence to that.  What you can’t see is that she is also wearing her older sister’s bright green shirt inside out and backwards to complete the outfit.  There are no plans to start a series of posts on fashion with the monkey at this time.  🙂

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