Giving the kids a little ownership in the dream…

A big change has happened in this house since hubby and I officially decided that we were close enough to being debt free to start planning to build the home we have dreamed of for years (and years and years and years).  The dream seems a little closer and it makes saying “No” to the things that would be really nice right now much easier. 

When we talk to the kids it gives them a more concrete goal to focus on.  Reminding them now that we are “choosing not” to spend on more stuff (or pizza for supper because mommy is rushed and didn’t plan ahead) is easier when it’s because we are saving our money so that we can build our house soon.   They never understood as much when we said that we didn’t want to spend extra money because we are trying to get out of debt.   Even our two oldest (9&7) couldn’t grasp the concept of paying for stuff that we already used and at times didn’t even know what we had bought.   I hope that we are finally teaching them that the financial decisions they make today (even little ones like a $5 pizza) make a difference down the road. 

Little man is a pro at finding dropped money in parking lots and yesterday he offered up this week’s parking lot bounty to help pay for his new bedroom.  🙂  

Don’t be concerned we aren’t going to cash out the kids’ savings accounts or take their birthday money to help pay off our debt and save for the house but if one of them brings a handful of pennies “for the house money” we’ll throw it in the change jar and let them know that they are also making decisions that make building our home possible.

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