Please don’t think I’m weird if…

Please don’t think I’m weird if I come into your house with a measuring tape and measure your ceilings, your laundry room, your bathrooms and your dormers.  That isn’t unusual is it??? 

Hubby and I really should have decided to get serious about planning our home a long time ago!  We might be out of debt by now if we had!  This planning and getting super excited about our home is VERY motivating to me.    Yesterday, I had to go into the office for some training and I was going to run by the store to grab some ham to use to season a pot of beans.  I started making a quick grocery list in my head – ham, cabbage, onion soup mix, mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup.  Not a huge list and I would get out of the store for less than $10 but I started thinking about what $10 this week, $10 next week and $10 the next week could do to our debt and then to our down payment fund and I just kept driving.   Our supper was still delicious and maybe even better tasting to me because it felt like it came with another small victory.

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2 Responses to Please don’t think I’m weird if…

  1. One thing I would suggest is to consider the width of your hallways. We moved from a house with a wide hallway to one with a more narrow one. Never even gave it a thought. Until we began running into each other in the hall! We feel we can’t hang anything on the walls in the hall either because we would be brushing up against the frames as we pass each other. You may choose to have narrow halls to cut down on costs, but just wanted to point this out since you have a good sized family and those little kids are only going to get bigger!

    • Very good point (and one that hasn’t been mentioned to us already). We plan on this home being ours forever and we may even need to consider having our halls wide enough to allow for a wheelchair at some point in our future.

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