This week’s money saving tip is brought to you by the DELETE button…

Seriously!  I have noticed lately that the most powerful money-saving tool I have at my disposal is the delete button in my email inbox.  I am signed up for every deal site known to man and every morning my inbox fills up with amazing money-saving offers on everything from gourmet coffee to spa visits to airline tickets.  All really great things and if I needed them it would be nice to save 58%.   Those things are the easy ones to delete and keep going without giving another thought. 

It’s the ones that come through for nice restaurants (I can always be persuaded to go out for a nice evening with hubby), or the offers that show up with big savings on clothes or fast food (with 4 kids we always need clothes & fast food is a nice break sometimes when we are out running errands) but truthfully even things like that really would save us money is still money spent. 

If I don’t have a groupon for $10 off $20 at Old Navy then I’ll still buy the kids the clothes they need I’ll just buy them at consignment or the thrift store instead (and I’ll probably pay less & the clothes will still be in excellent shape).   If I don’t get the great deal on fast food then I’ll just plan ahead, not do errands at lunch time or I’ll pack something portable. 

As I reformed spender, I am trying to remind myself that sometimes money not spent is still money saved.

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4 Responses to This week’s money saving tip is brought to you by the DELETE button…

  1. Lisa says:

    Woohoo!!! You’re doing great!!!

  2. Back in the distant past, when my kids were young and I was buying them clothing second hand, I was also reading the Tightwad Gazette. The author pointed out something that you alluded to in your post: you know what clothes are going to look like for the long term when you buy them second hand. No worries about shrinkage, seams coming out, fading, etc…when clothes have already been washed and worn a few times. I think it is the only way to go for kids clothes! By the way, I highly recommend the Tightwad Gazette books. If nothing else it really helps you stay on track when reading about someone else doing the same money saving things. She also has some really good suggestions about saving money.

    • I read Tightwad Gazette about 5 years ago but I think I need to take trip to the library for them again. She may have some ideas in there that would work for us now. Thank you for reminding me about her books!

      One of my favorite things about buying clothes 2nd hand is being able to tell what they will look like after a few washes. There is nothing worse than buying a brand new, expensive item wearing it once or twice, washing it and having it faded 3 shades or shrink 2 sizes. I’ll let someone else do all the shrinking and fading.

  3. Nancy says:

    If you haven’t already done so, check out The Complete Tightwad Gazette. The back of the book has a section of letters people sent her, called “Success Stories”. I have read them so many times I practically have them memorized. They really motivate me when I am feeling that I’m backsliding.
    I have used that book so much, and it has made a huge difference in my life. Yes, it is dated, but the ideas are timeless.

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