And the house spending begins…

So last week I posted that we decided to start our house planning.  We want to be ready to build within a few months of becoming debt free so we are starting the planning process now with the hopes that we’ll be ready to break ground as soon as the weather starts warming up next year.  We are planning to do a lot of DIY to get the house we want in our  price range (and we are shooting for the bottom of our range).   We know that we’ll be buying most of our materials and fixtures to make sure that we get the best deals.   We also know that we have storage available for any great deals that we can pick up ahead of time.   I routinely shop for my kids’ clothes a year (and sometimes more than a year) before they’ll need them.  Why would I not start shopping for deals on house stuff before we need it?    

I was browsing a local yard sale page on Facebook and came across beautiful brand new Delta faucets (kitchen & bathrooms) listed for $30 each.  I thought that sounds like a pretty good deal so I decided to check a home improvement store website and similar kitchen faucets were selling for $197 and similar bathroom faucets were selling for $93.  That is a huge money savings! HUGE! 

As a quick aside for those concerned,  I did check into the story of the super cheap faucets.  The couple bought at auction the contents of the storage unit of an out of business plumbing contractor and the unit was full of faucets, shower heads, pipe and other random fittings.  The couple has been selling off a few faucets at a time as they needed the money. 

I was thrilled with the prospect of saving so much money on something that we are very definitely going to need.  Oh, but there is the matter of money.  I’ve posted before that we are serious about our house fund & we don’t pull money out of it.  I’m not going to start dipping into it now every time I see a deal that would be good in the house but……

I don’t want to miss out on deals that will save us considerable amounts of money once we get to work on the house.   Hubby was also onboard with the faucets and pointed out after I did our “price check” that we wouldn’t be able to buy cheap faucets for $30 if we waited until we were actually ready to start the plumbing in the house.   The decision was made and we bought faucets.   Actually, we bought 3 bathroom faucets, a kitchen faucet with sprayer and 2 shower heads.  Our grand total was $125!! Retail prices on the faucets alone was $476!! 

Another little aside between you and me, hubby was really impressed with my deal finding abilities! All the inexpensive clothes and gifts don’t really excite him but inexpensive faucets is a whole ‘nother story. 🙂

We had my paycheck available to cover the expense this time but given our budget that won’t always be the case.  We decided that we’ll set aside a small amount ($15-$20) a week to cover the little things that will save us money while we are building.   It’ll spread out the cash purchases, it’ll keep us from spending it out of the building loan later and ultimately help us keep the cost of the mortgage down.

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3 Responses to And the house spending begins…

  1. handsdelight says:

    Awesome savings and very nice looking faucets.

  2. Heather says:

    WOW!!! What a great deal and super big savings for the start of your new home. If you keep up finding items like this on your way to accomplishing your end goal, your savings will be extraordinary!

    Also I chuckle each time you reference your husband because he sounds exactly like my farmer husband who does not get excited about the savinsg for general home items or clothing, but would be excited by a find like this.

    Keep it up and Keep inspiring!

  3. It’s so great to find good deals like this! Sometimes you really do just have to keep your eyes open now for things you know you will need in the future. How often have we needed to find something like RIGHT NOW and then you can’t find a good deal anywhere?

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