Tempting…. So Very Tempting….

I posted our 2012 Financial Goals last week and I included a couple of goals at the bottom that we were taking care of quickly.  

One of those quick goals  –  Rebuilding & Maintaining our Emergency Fund – the maintaining is the real issue here.  We get it built up, then I get excited and want to put the money to work for us so I make a payment on a credit card with part of our emergency fund and then we hit a bump in the road.  It’s the same thing every single time. 

We are very close to getting the fund rebuilt!   All we have to do is maintain the fund, that really should be the easy part, right?

I was going over our numbers, trying to pull together our January Debt Update and looking at the current balances on all the cards.  That was when I realized our lowest balance could be paid off with the almost rebuilt emergency fund.   I want to make a payment (right this second, in fact) and call that card DONE.  It is so tempting!  Emotionally the boost would be huge but logically I know that it would be too risky to pay it off with emergency money.   Oh but one less balance is so tempting.

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